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The Windows OneNote app is most-used electronic note-taking solution that is crammed with features. The post gives reasons for choosing new OneNote App for your classroom use. OneNote Windows 8.1 app updated with new access to ...

OneNote MX is the first Office app that's a full blown Metro app. If you have a touch screen enabled PC, you'll be able to test out how Office Metro apps will behave on the upcoming Surface tablet.

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How to use OneNote app in Windows 8 Step by Step The OneNote app for Windows 8 is a new officially launched application for the users who want to keep their ideas and notes at a fixed place. The interface of this newly developed app is very intuitive, simple and user friendly. You can use this for adding drawings attached to the notes. You would remember that Earlier Google has launched Google Keep. Official OneNote App For Windows 8 - … The provided link shall re-direct your browser to the OneNote’s Windows Store webpage from where you can download and install OneNote app for Windows 8 onto your PC. After installation run OneNote from the start screen and you will be greeted with the interface as shown below in the screenshot. Obviously everything will be empty unlike the screenshot below. Getting started with the OneNote App for Windows 8

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